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A Question of Time

During the month of December I had the opportunity to sit down over pints with several folks in our industry and talk about the current state of affairs. There’s no question that this is the worst that many of us have seen in our careers. But some of the things I’ve learned in St. Louis […]

Where are the Next Pete Hopps?

Where is the next generation of Pete Hopps coming from? Before I explain that question — starting with answering “Who is Pete Hopp?,” I need to set the stage. In late 2010 I suggested that we needed an industry forum to address issues such as labor, the project award environment, inclusion, and the political environment. Any […]

A Roomful of Elephants

In the last couple of weeks our industry has seen examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly. 1.) Good: The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers held a workshop on “Partnering: Best Practice from the Construction Industry Institute and Practical Industry Applications.” It included successful partnering applications here, a partnering expert from Norway […]

Old/New Media: Making the Connection

What will be the role of “Web 2.0” and “Social Media” be in the construction industry, and why should you care? In the August 3rd issue of Engineering News-Record there was an article on Textura, a construction e-commerce firm with 38,000 users, including 25% of the ENR Top 400, that’s venturing into social networking. The […]