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Some “marketing and sales consultants” will tell you things that your Mother should have told you (“You know, you really should NETWORK!”) and then send you off to go fish on your own.
Finan is both strategic AND tactical. We believe that “all good marketing and business development starts with questions.” We also know that what you do with the answers to those questions is equally important. That’s why we are big believers in the use of technology to track customer data and in being proactive about pursuing business.

The most successful business development is accomplished when the people
at a company understand the company’s brand and core values.
Management must then empower, educate, and encourage team members to “live” the brand with customers and prospects. And it is the job of business development to translate these great attitudes and stories into new business.

We believe that “There is no good business with bad people.”  So we’ll help you to identify what a GREAT customer looks like. Then we’ll collaborate with you to build your relationships with both existing customers and prospects that fit that profile.
We can develop tactics that will help your leadership and/or sales team to build winning relationships.

We can also provide “boots on the ground” sales development – doing the research, making the calls for you,

and bringing in the opportunities.

Finan will collaborate with you to identify and develop the strategy and tactics you need to win.

Make the Call:


“Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

—Winston Churchill

The answer when you’re asking for new business is always “Yes,” “No,” or “Not now.” But in order to get an answer you first have to make the call.

Not everybody is wired to pick up the phone, to set up the meeting, to tell the story. But once that connection is made, everyone in your company can play a role in bringing in the business.

Finan provides the tactical sales support discipline that you know you need but are stretched too thin to practice. We will make the calls, record the sales intelligence, get the meetings, and tell YOUR story. We can work with you to win business.

You can put sales development at the top of your “To Do” list by making the call to Finan.



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